This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from you, how we maintain that information, and to whom we disclose that information, when you use our Services. The words, “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to SafeHer, Inc., a Delaware corporation. By accessing our website or mobile applications (“Services”), you consent to our collection, storage, transfer, use, and/or disclosure of your electronic and personal information (“Your Information”), as defined and described herein.

By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you give your unqualified and unconditional consent to the disclosure of Your Information to the third parties enumerated above and to the use of Your Information by third parties in the manners described above. Please do not share with us any information you do not wish to be shared consistent within this section.

Your Information

Your Information includes any information you provide to us, personal or non-personal, identifiable or non-identifiable, financial or non-financial, at our request or based on your own volition, and any electronic data that your electronic device(s) transmit to us, with or without your knowledge. The following are the types of information at issue:

A. Information You Submit:
  1. When you create or update your User Account as a Driver-User or Passenger-User Personal information, which requires submission of your name, age, gender, phone number, email address, physical address, credit card number, billing information associated with your payment method, vehicle information, insurance information, and other similar information;
  2. When you request information from us via any electronic means.
  3. When you relay information to us through a third-party application, website or entity; and
  4. When you engage in any activity in connection with us where you turn over information to us.
B. Information We Collect When You Use Our Services:
  1. Your Location. When you use our Services, we collect the local data from your mobile device. Depending on your mobile device’s permission settings, we may also collection location data from your device when our application is running. We may also approximate your location via your IP Address. By using or activating any location-based services on a mobile device, you agree and consent to our collection, maintenance, publishing, processing and use of our location data to provide you with the Services. You may withdraw this consent at any time by turning off the location-based feature on a mobile device or by not using any location-based features. Turning off or not using these features may impact the functionality of the Service.
  2. Your Contacts. Depending on your mobile device’s permission settings, we may access your contacts list / address book in your device. We may collect and store such information for facilitating features on our application that draw upon social interactions.
  3. Your Usage Data. When you visit our website or use our mobile application, we collect information such as, if applicable, the origin website from which you came, what pages and features you access on our website, and what your usage patterns are with respect to our application.
  4. Your Transaction Data. When you use our Services, we track the time, date, location, duration, distance, Fare Price, and other data associated with the Service.
  5. Your Device. We collect information about your mobile device, such as the model of your device, its operating system and version, installed applications, language, unique device identifiers, carrier information, motion information, and other similar information.
  6. Phone and Text Data. Because our Users may communicate with each other over the course of using our Services, we collect the information pertaining to your voice call data, SMS messaging data, a date and time of such communications, phone numbers of both parties, and the content of SMS messages.
  7. Server Information. When you access our website or mobile application, we collect server logs, which in turn contain information about your usage patterns, such as times, dates, device IP, inbound and outbound sites, and other comparable information.
  8. Tracking Data. When we use cookies, beacons, tags, or scripts to analyze trends, administer the website, and gather geographical and demographic information about our Users.
C. Information We Collect From Sources Other than You:
  1. From sources other than you, including, without limitation, third-party services such as social media websites, blogs, or other information about you that is publicly available on the internet;
  2. Upon your express consent, from registries or departments of motor vehicles, courthouses, national and global databases, sex offender registries, and global watchdog lists;
  3. From our affiliates, partners, or vendors;
  4. Upon your express consent, from third-party background search providers who are in possession of information about you or who may acquire information about you;
  5. From any other third-parties who may possess information about you relevant to your use of our Services, such as a third-party payment provider or social-media platform that you used to submit payment or login to our Platform.

Third-Party Advertising and Analytics

We may partner with and/or use advertising networks, such as third-party advertising servers, advertising agencies, research firms, or other related vendors to improve your ad experience when you use our website or the websites of such third-parties. These third-party partners may use a variety of analytics tools that track your activities on our website and other websites for the same purpose.

Google Analytics is one such example of a tool we use to collect non-personal information from you in the form of various usage and user metrics when you use our website and Services. These tools and technologies collect and analyze certain types of information, including cookies, IP addresses, browser, device, referring and exiting pages, operating system, and other similar information.

The third party analytics companies, such as, but not limited to, Google Analytics, may combine Your Information they collect from our website with other information about you they collected, are collecting, or will collect from other websites, other online products/services, and/or other mobile products/services you have used.

Please read Your Choices Over Your Information to learn how to opt-out of these features.

How We Use Your Information

In the course of our providing Services to you, you consent to our use of Your Information in the following ways:

  1. Customer Support – We may contact you in order to facilitate the completion of transactions you engaged on our website or confirm the accuracy of the information you provided us;
  2. Giving You Information – We may contact you to provide you with promotional materials, offers, or other information that enable us to bring to your attention most relevant Services to you;
  3. Enhancement of Services – We may use the data gathered to improve your User experience, such as through real-time monitoring of your rides, for both safety and operational efficiency reasons;
  4. Customer Feedback – We may reach out to you with communications that include surveys, questionnaires, and other forms of analytics, in order to better understand your user needs;
  5. Violations & Breaches – We may contact you where we find that you or someone else may have violated our policies, such as our Terms of Use; to prevent or address fraud; or to inform you that there has been a security breach caused by you or affecting you. We may also contact you in order to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The word “contact” in this provision refers to mail, email, phone, text message, and any other means of establishing contact, which you provided to us.

Disclosure of Your Information

In order to provide Services to you and comply will all applicable laws and regulations, we may disclose Your Information to the following parties for the following purposes:

  1. Our Driver-Users so as to enable them to engage in the Services you requested.
  2. Our Passenger-Users so as to enable them to identify the driver.
  3. Our third-party affiliates or vendors that provide support for our internal business operations, such as data processing, data verification, data storage, and related data management needs, including marketing and promotional needs. All affiliates or vendors in this provision are contractually bound to maintain data security and confidentiality of Your Information, as described in the section captioned, Data Security
  4. Registries or departments of motor vehicles.
  5. Your legal representatives who are authorized to receive Your Information.
  6. Our legal representatives or agents with whom we need to consult or seek guidance from in connection with legal matters related to your use of our Services.
  7. Government entities or private entities that are lawfully entitled to Your Information or to which we are legally obligated to disclose Your Information, such as in the event a subpoena for production of Your Information is served upon us;
  8. Any governmental, regulatory, or law enforcement agency or entity where your use of our Services, based on our judgment, has violated an applicable law or regulation.
  9. Subsidiaries, parent companies, and/or companies with which or by which we have, respectively, merged or been acquired.

If we or our assets are acquired by a third-party, that third-party will possess Your Information collected by us and it will assume the rights and obligations regarding Your Information as described in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, we may disclose Your Information if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us; or (b) to protect and defend our rights or property, other users of the Services or third parties. By using the Services, you hereby agree and consent to the transfer or assignment of Your Information as provided herein, and you further waive any claims that could be made against us in relation there to.

Our Data Security

We have instituted a comprehensive set of data security protocols that establishes administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for the protection of Your Information. Specifically, these protocols are intended to ensure the security and confidentiality of Your Information, protect Your information against any threats to the security of Your Information, and to protect against unauthorized access to or use of Your Information that could result in identify theft or fraud.

Not only do we maintain, update, and enforce maximal safeguards to protect Your Information, as it relates to internal and external data security risks, we demand the same level of diligence from our affiliates, partners, service providers, vendors, agents, representatives, and any persons or entities with whom we share Your Information. Each such person or entity is contractually bound to meet our data security standards, in addition to their compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

However, despite these safeguards, we are not responsible for how third parties handle your information and we do not monitor their compliance with our terms or applicable laws and regulations. Please also read the section captioned, Security Disclaimer below, with regards to what we cannot guarantee about our security measures.

Your Choices Over Your Information

We retain Your Information for as long as your account is active and for an indefinite period of time after your account is inactive or terminated. You have the following choices as to the management of Your Information:

  1. Cookies – You may prevent us and/or our affiliates from collecting cookies by disabling cookies in your browser settings. Some features of our website and/or our Services may be affected if you choose to so disable.
  2. Advertising Networks – In order to opt-out of third-party advertising networks, you may find click here for a list of advertisers.
  3. Google Advertising – To opt-out of Google’s advertising technologies, you may visit the Google advertising opt-out page.
  4. Google Analytics – To opt-out of Google Analytics, you may visit the Google Analytics opt-out page.
  5. Emails – If you do not wish to receive promotional emails from us, you can opt-out by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of our promotional emails and following the unsubscribe instructions
  6. Correcting Information – If you identify information that you need to correct or change, you may do so by logging into your account; in the event you are unable to do so, you may contact us.

Users Outside the United States

The United States does not have the same legal standard of data protection as its counterparts in the European Union, Switzerland, and other regions and QuoteHopper is located within the United State. Therefore, if you access our website or use our Services from outside the United States, you expressly consent to the transfer of Your Information into the United States. If you do not consent, you may not access our website or use our Services.

Security Disclaimer

While we have a comprehensive data security plan in place to protect Your Information, for purposes of legal compliance as well as our ethical duty to you, we cannot guarantee the security of Your Information with 100% certainty. Therefore, when you submit Your Information to us, you do so at your own risk. You agree to assume the risk associated with giving us the right to store and maintain your information. In the event of a security breach of either our systems or the systems of affiliates with whom we have shared Your Information and Your Information is disseminated to unauthorized third parties or to the public, you agree not to hold us responsible for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or otherwise, that are caused by or results from such breach.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Compliance

We do not knowingly solicit or collect information from persons under the age of 18. We require a parent or guardian to contact us immediately if any such information is discovered to have been submitted to us. Upon our discovery or notification that we are in possession of such information, we will delete that information as quickly as practicable. If you believe we are in possession of any such information, please contact us at

Privacy Policy Amendments

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, with or without notice, at our sole discretion. When an amendment is made, the date of amendment will be posted at the top of this document, and will take effect contemporaneous to its posting. Your continued access past the posting date indicated your acceptance of the changes to this Agreement. If there is, in our judgment, a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will post a notice on our website prior to the effective date of the change.