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Integrating Safr Care with PointClickCare: Streamlining Healthcare Transportation

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No more missed healthcare appointments due to lack of adequate transportation. AlongsidePointClickCare, Safr Cares cutting?edge technology links hospitals and Medicare/Medicaid patients with seamless door?to?door transportation service, solving a major problem for the 5.8 million Americans each year who miss or have delayed medical appointments because of inadequate transportation. The Safr Care platform alleviates stress and complications for both medical providers and patients looking for accessible and affordable non?emergency medical transportation.

Safr Care has launched its integration with PointClickCare on its platform, making business more efficient and profitable for both facilities using PointClickCare and the transportation providers using the Safr Care app. This will streamline the process for both healthcare facilities and transportation providers to automatically have the patients necessary information to schedule a ride with the click of a button. Using our platforms, the auto?route feature determines the fastest, most cost?efficient route. Being fully integrated with PointClickCare improves the experience for dispatchers, improving ease of use for drivers, quality of care for patients, and decreasing operational costs. We believe in constant innovation and the introduction of our integration into the PointClickCare system will help the patients, transportation and healthcare providers, as well as other stakeholders, Syed Gilani, CEO of Safr Technologies, Inc., said. Its important to make existing infrastructure more efficient through better software and Safr is providing a unique edge to the transportation providers, he added.

The PointClickCare Marketplace offers the widest range of integrated solutions available to the market, says Chris Beekman, Marketplace director, PointClickCare. Our partnership with Safr Care is further testament to our continually growing partner network and ecosystem, and the wealth of possibilities it provides our customers to extend their technology capabilities.

Medicaid provides non?emergency medical transportation to 3.2 million beneficiaries. Meanwhile, research reveals that around one third of Medicare and Medicaid's beneficiaries face barriers to wellness in the form of transportation insecurity. In fact, 5.8 million Americans miss or have delayed medical appointments per year due to transportation barriers.

Despite this demand, the field of non?emergency medical transportation lacks a seamless, unified technological backbone. With outdated or non?existent software, transportation providers must deal with scheduling issues, and communication difficulties, while increasing their operating costs. Due to the inefficient and limited operational capacities of the traditional transportation provider, patients needs are not being served by the current transportation landscape. This is causing no?shows and delayed appointments for critical elderly patients.

For more information about our partnership and integration, visitPointClickCare Marketplace.

About Safr Care
Safr Care is a healthcare technology platform focused on the Non?Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) market. The mission of Safr Care is to help improve efficiencies and profitabilities in the healthcare transportation market while empowering women. Safr Care has been at the forefront of transportation technology since 2017. VisitSafrCareandwatch our videosfor more information.

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PointClickCare is the leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real?time insights at any stage of a patient's healthcare journey. PointClickCare's single platform spans the care continuum, fostering proactive, holistic decision?making and improved outcomes for all. Over 22,000 long?term, acute, and post?acute care providers, and over 1,600 hospitals use PointClickCare today. For more information on PointClickCare, please visitPointclickcare