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Introducing Safr Care: A New Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service

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Safr, a new rideshare for the safety and empowerment of women, has unveiled Safr Care, a new non-emergency medical transportation service providing patients, healthcare consumers and medical professionals a safe and effective non-emergency transportation solution. Syed Gilani, CEO of Safr, made the announcement.

Safr Care is a new non-emergency rideshare service catering to patients who face barriers in getting to routine medical appointments, which are often crucial to maintaining their health and well-being, Mr. Gilani stated. The field of non-emergency medical transportation lacks a seamless, unified technological backbone to manage reliable transportation for patients and Medicaid members. Whether due to income, lack of adequate or accessible public transportation, or conditions which require frequent and regular appointments, patients needs are not being served by the current transportation landscape. Safr Care is a solution to this nationwide problem, and looks forward to serving patients and healthcare consumers and improving the non-emergency medical transportation experience for all.

Today, over three-quarters of all healthcare spending nationally is for chronic health problems such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes, which require ongoing treatment; 78% of the adult population over age 55 has at least one of these conditions. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2035 there will be a booming senior population, with a projected 78 million people aged 65 years and older.

Lack of reliable transportation is particularly problematic for those facing disability, illness, and ongoing medical issues. Other barriers may include the inability to drive or lack of vehicle access. Non-emergency medical transportation ensures patients attend ongoing medical care appointments, which are vital to patients health and wellness.

Safr Care is a solution for a growing sector of people in need of quality non-emergency medical transportation. Using proprietary rideshare technology, Safr Care links hospitals and Medicare/Medicaid patients with seamless door-to-door service. Alleviating stress and complications for both medical providers and patients looking for accessible and affordable non-emergency medical transportation is the mission of Safr Care.

Safr is a new rideshare all about empowering women riders and drivers. The app is free and easy to use, available to download for iPhone here:Download for IOSand for Android here:Download for Android.

About Safr
Safr is a new ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women. Built with the needs of women in mind, Safr aims to improve the lives of women everywhere through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security. Safrs drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks so that riders can have peace of mind knowing they meet Safr standards. Safrs multiple in-ride app features aid in the protection of your safe arrival. When you choose to ride with Safr, youre supporting a like-minded driver and elevating your community by helping to improve greater gender balance, choice, and participation in the ridesharing economy. For more information, please visitSafrCare.