Healthcare Partners More efficient discharges, decreases in no-shows and instant eligibility checks

Better Healthcare Outcomes

By using the Safr Care platform, healthcare facilities can improve bed management by timely discharging patients, which opens a room for a new patient to be treated. Healthcare facilities everywhere can reduce no-shows with our extensive network of transportation partners and connectivity to over 3100 payors.


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Reduce Patient Transportation Workload


Enterprise system for organizational demand

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Increase discharge efficiencies

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Higher star ratings

Our Healthcare Partners

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Save Time and Improve Healthcare Outcomes

With our platform, medical care providers can positively impact their KPIs without adversely affecting their operations.

  • Measurable reduction in patient no-shows
  • Efficient patient discharges
  • Better healthcare outcomes
  • Improved star ratings
  • Superior patient transportation experiences

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Patient-Driven Medical Transportation

Healthcare providers are facing staffing challenges especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. Safr Care has taken a revolutionary approach for patient-driven non-emergency medical transportation. Patients of a medical care facility can easily find out their eligibility for transportation to and from medical appointments, and request a ride through Safr Care’s Android or IOS apps.

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Success Story

Since I’ve been in assisted living for the last four years, I have needed transportation to my doctor’s office but didn’t realize my insurance plan would cover the cost. Since I couldn’t always pay, I missed many appointments and over time my health deteriorated. Now that I know about Safr Care and the ability to check eligibility any time, I have not missed any more appointments and my doctor is very happy to see me come in. Vanessa W.

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Enterprise Solution

Safr Care is an enterprise level medical transportation technology platform that helps healthcare organizations easily dispatch, monitor and manage all of their non-emergency transportation needs. Safr Care is a one-stop solution that offers significant savings and better operational and clinical outcomes. Healthcare organizations can run Safr Care for each location to easily manage site-wide transportation needs.