A Patient-Centric Healthcare Transportation Platform.

Offering medical transportation services with the goal of supplying affordable, comprehensive, wheelchair accessible medical appointment transportation services to the public, to decrease hospital discharge wait times, and to assist the elderly and disabled.


A single platform to handle all non-emergency medical transportation transactions.

Medical Transportation Service

Healthcare Facility Transportation Services

Safr Care’s one-stop transportation service platform makes patient discharge more efficient and reduces no-shows.

Elderly Transportation Service

Transportation for the Elderly

Senior adults may have difficulty accessing social contacts, healthcare providers, grocery stores, community resources, and recreational activities. With our comprehensive transportation service platform, the elderly can improve their quality of life and reclaim their independence.

Wheelchair Transportation Service

Wheelchair Transportation

With our robust network of wheelchair transportation providers, Safr Care connects patients facing all kinds of mobility challenges with transportation experts who are equipped with appropriate, accessible vehicles.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Safr Care’s extensive Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) network allows for superior service to patients as well as healthcare facilities. Utilizing the Safr Care platform results in improved overall wellness, by ensuring that patients can attend ongoing medical care appointments in a safe and timely manner.

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medical transportation service

I was skeptical of free software for our medical transportation service and transportation provider services, but this software portal and the app are unbelievable!  I am able to dispatch rides from either the portal or my app.  This allows me to work from anywhere, instead of having to be in the office on a computer.  Safr Care also has a Marketplace, where transportation providers can select rides without me having to assign them.  The features are endless, yet easy to use.  I’m on track to triple my business now by the end of this year.  The Safr Care solution doesn’t cost me a dime, yet provides all my dispatching, routing, and billing needs.
(James G.)

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